The Museum site has been created to light one of the faces of Mycenean civilization. It is addressed to everyone who is interested in knowing the life of those people. The contact is done through studying the pottery. A global educational program contibutes to this.


Our goals




The activities








The skills



There are three goals in this site. First of all it is to present a part of Mycenaes Museum's collection. Second is to provide teachers a friendly programme with classroom and museum activities which  is supported from background information. And last it is to share with everyone interested an educational proposal which will  do efficient the visiting at the museum. 

Our visiting takes place at  Rooms 1 and 4 because these Rooms house pottery from the last Bronze Age and odjects which present the basic activities of Myceneas in  trade,  religion,  art,  technology, at home and at war.The students investigate the museum supplied with a variety of activities.

 The session involves learning skills, observation, investigation, task,  group work, discussion, hand made work and practical design. 

                                                                                    BILIOURI ARGIRI 2011