The Mycenaes's Museum is near the famous archaeological site of Mycenaes where there are the palace foundation stones and the huge graves of Acheon. The tombs treasure is at the National Archeological Museum in Athens. The Museum's objects give an idea about daily life of Mycenaen years and the possibility to imagine the life hundreds of years ago. This programme completes the guide tour successfully.

 Preliminary activities

The preliminary activities are necessary because the students must know what they see at the visit. They prepare about the visit's theme so they participate at the guidetour and they have increased their attention.



During the visit

The Rooms are generally spacious so the students can fill in their leaflets without  annoying  the other visitors. Also the discussion about the conclusions and impressions could take place out of the museum at the front yard.

A set of activities in the museum includes activities sheets which can be used by students working in Rooms 1 and 4.

Follow-up activities

In the classroom, after the visiting are suggested pleasant activities to consolidate the knowledge.