Follow up activities

 Introduction for teachers


Directly after visiting, the students could discuss compering their personal pads.

In the classroom, the pupils undertake additional research and grow up other skills.

  • Discuss about pots' decoration. Why some of them have decoration and others not? What colours that potter had used?
  • The content of a pot explains its shape. What material storaged  inside them? What kind of food this peoples ate and drunk?
  • What kind of containers are used today? Do we use the same materials today with the people of those years?
  • Discuss about the faultmouth amforeas: shape, size, use, decoration
  • Comlplete the program creating a wallpaper with students work.


        A varity of works

  •  Review the shapes, names, uses, provenance of the pots (Worksheet 11).



  • Complete the crossword.


  • Match a today pot with an ancient because them have the same use (Worksheet 12).
  • Choose drawing pot, cut near the shape and stick on a color canson. Write various information round them. Stick a museum's photo. Write a small text with yours' impressions and conclusions.


  • If you want to taste a food which ate at the ancient Mycenae, the recipe is here.