Activities at the museum

 Introductors information for teacher

  • First of all the teacher guides the Rooms, refreshing the students' knowledges and then he gives the activity leaflets.
  • Each activity supports the students observation and their critical thinking.
  • The teacher can select the most approriate activities in order to focus in specific points.
  • The teacher explains the process of the visit, the aims and goals of it and finally the vocabulary used on the sheets and the searching way.
  • The students can work individually, in pairs or in groups.



Match the pots' shape with their name (Worksheet 6).


Find information about the faultmouth amphora: size, shape (Worksheet 7).


Observate the pots' decoration, separate the Mycenean and the geometric pots and draw some shapes which impressed you (Worksheet 8).


Explain the blackened points and the lines on some pots' surface (Worksheet 9).

In Room 4 find the pots from other places(Worksheet 10).


Photos of the Museum.