The museum


In the museum   there are pots from Mycenean years and Geometric period. Some of them are small and other big, with or without decoration, complete or restored, of higher or lower quality.Whatever kind the pots are they definetely have value because they present the Mycenaen life.

All the objects are in glass cases. The cases' numbers are black and are situated at the bottom of the glass cases.

The exhibition has four Rooms. At the lobby the visitors can see the model of the archeological site and the excavations progress, too.

The first Room guests pottery from Mycenaen and protogeometric years. Some pots were used in the trade, others for storage purposes, others for cooking, eating and drinking, some of them for the woman's beauty and some others in religious ceremonies.

Walking at a sloping corridor, the visitors go into the second Room in lower stage. In the centre of this Room, protected inside a glass case there are the copies of the gold findings of the area. The real  findings of the graves are at the National Archeological Museum. All over the wall a big number of objects are the mirror of historical and daily events of Mycenaen's life. All these are also exhibited in the next two Rooms.

The last Room presents unique objects, jewellery, stamps on value stones, warrior items, small statues (eidolia). All these inform us about the activities of Mycenaes and the trade expansion.